​​​​​Your Guide to Professional Communication Careers​

Strong communication is the backbone for success in individual projects, overall company success, and career advancement.

While communication is a critical business tool in nearly every industry, the need for communication skills development is on the rise, along with the need for professionals in this specialized field.

While communication is often used as a general term in the workplace, the field has specialized careers that are increasingly popular.

Why Study Professional Communication?

Professional communication skills play a major role in successful careers, which is why they’re a vital commodity for professionals in every field. The ability to effectively communicate while providing an excellent representation of a company is essential when it comes to establishing success in any profession. But as with any skill, the fundamentals must be taught to become a master. That’s where a degree can help.

The University of Findlay’s M.A. in Professional Communication online degree program offers the skills needed for career success. Not only will students who follow this degree path gain unique experiential learning opportunities, but they can also graduate fully prepared for a successful communication career with thorough skills in the following areas:

  • Public and presentational speaking
  • Digital media literacy
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Team building
  • Writing
  • Leadership

With a focus on the workforce and students’ busy lives, this program’s curriculum offers a variety of courses designed to cover each important factor of communication to develop vital skills, all with the convenience of a flexible schedule.

Six Popular Communication Careers

While skills in professional communication are required for career success in any role, a degree in professional communication opens the door to several high-demand communication careers. The following are among the most popular professional careers in the field.


Focusing on the creative elements of professional communication, copywriters contribute to the success of a company by applying their own unique thoughts and ideas to marketing materials. A copywriter’s role consists of conducting extensive research, writing in a variety of different styles and following specific editing processes to produce marketing and promotional material.

Career Responsibilities

  • Formulate marketing plans directly with clients
  • Develop content strategy
  • Demonstrate leadership while working as part of a marketing team

Social Media Strategist

study conducted by Vision Critical and published in Harvard Business Review showed that nearly 40 percent of social media users purchased items they discovered through Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. With the popularity of these sites increasing at shocking rates, more companies are turning to social media to market their products and services, which is why the need for social media strategists is on the rise.

Career Responsibilities

  • Conduct market research to determine which social media sites are used most often by a company’s targeted consumers
  • Develop and execute marketing campaigns

Public Relations Manager

The main responsibility of a public relations manager is to promote a specific public view and opinion of a company. According to a 2015 global consumer survey conducted by Nielsen, nearly 62 percent of consumers report that brand trust plays a role when choosing which items to purchase, meaning a brand’s reputation plays a major role in its profits. And when the fate of profits is in the hands of consumers, the work of the public relations manager is truly vital to the company’s overall success.

Career Responsibilities

  • Enhance a company’s positive reputation
  • Design methods of promotion
  • Work alongside a marketing team to create visuals and slogans
  • Plan events

Marketing Manager

An upper-level position within the field of professional communication, a marketing manager oversees a company’s specific marketing campaigns. As a department supervisor, a marketing manager must ensure that all work is done properly in order to effectively execute marketing goals.

Career Responsibilities

  • Oversee every step in the process of developing marketing campaigns
  • Lead a team of marketers
  • Communicate with clients directly

Communication Director

A communication director plays a significant role within a marketing team, contributing to the development of promotional campaigns. Responsible for delivering appropriate communication from the company to its clients, partners and target consumers, a communication director operates ultimately as the spokesperson for a company.

Career Responsibilities

  • Maintain a positive public image for a company
  • Manage all public relations processes
  • Train new members of a company’s marketing department

Account Supervisor

Combining marketing with the field of customer service, an account supervisor works directly with a company’s clients to ensure they receive excellent treatment from staff, as well as the most beneficial products or services. While tracking purchases and speaking with clients directly, account supervisors conduct research to make new products and services available to clients to promote retention and maintain a positive reputation for the company.

​Career Responsibilities

  • Communicate directly with clients and other members of a marketing department
  • Conduct research on consumer trends
  • Provide other research and marketing departments with consumer trends research

Advance Your Professional Communication Career with a Degree from Findlay

If you’re currently employed in the professional communication field and are seeking an opportunity to advance, the University of Findlay’s new online Master of Arts in Professional Communication program has what you need to succeed. Earning an M.A. in Professional Communication will not only boost your salary potential, but it will also expand your career options. This exciting new program is offered fully online, allowing you to complete assignments anywhere at the convenience of your own personal schedule.